How to take pictures of yourself alone?

How to take pictures of yourself alone

I’m gonna show you guys how you can shoot photos of yourself alone .But one of the reasons that I bought my first camera was because I wanted to get better photos of myself to post on social media .you quickly realized that when you’re the one with the camera you actually end up taking photos of other people way more than you end up getting good photos of yourself .so along the way I figured out a way that works for me to take more photos of me. hopefully this way is helpful for you but there are a couple other ways that I’ll try to explain as I go .

The way that I’ve found easiest to take photos of yourself alone work with most modern cameras and that’s to connect your camera to an app in your cell phone. like I said as long as you’ve got a fairly modern camera most of these companies are now making some kind of an app that will connect to your camera and allow you to monitor what you’re seeing and take the photo from your phone. that being said most of the apps that I’ve used to try and do this are not exactly user-friendly. there might be a little bit of fighting to get it connected you might lose some functionality that you normally have when you’re taking’s all a bit of a game of give and take .

what are the things you need to take pictures of yourself alone ?

here’s what you need to take pictures of yourself alone . now first things first.we’re gonna need a tripod and that should be pretty obvious because if you’re not holding the camera.slap the camera on the tripod and we’re ready to go .so first and foremost I like to just set up my shot and make sure that I like it .

so in the Sony cameras we’re gonna go into the menu. Go up to the top go over to the little world thing and go control with smart phone .turn that on and hit connection .but there will be some kind of a Wi-Fi password or QR code that you can scan or you can use the NFC I believe it’s called and scan that .there will be a bunch of different ways that you can connect .so as you can see mirroring displays .so now you’re connected and you’re gonna keep an eye on your phone and you’re gonna go stand in front .so the first round is generally just checking to make sure that the composition and everything is okay .Adjust the iso and aperture too.Then go hang out back in front again.Then shoot photos of yourself .For visit home

How to photograph jewelry at home

how to photograph jewelry at home

Simple way to take jewelry photo with no money at home

I’m gonna show you a super super ridiculously simple way of taking good jewelry photos with no money at home .you’re ready to learn all we’re gonna be photographing a little jewelry .but the thing with jewelry is right there are real bug at a photograph.because you look at them in real life and they’re just are they look so pretty,and all this kind of stuff ,but then you try to take a photo like I’m sure you’ve tried to take a photo,and it’s just like they they they seem insanely hard to photograph. like how do you get that shine ,how do you get here’s a literally after years of doing this it’s like oh my god it could not be simpler like when you understand .you know basic just how light works you can do things with like the stupidest of things .but it’s good because you don’t spend any money. you can photograph jewelry at home easily with this method.

What we need ?

so all we’re gonna use is a light. Something like white table lamp.A piece of paper and a camera .all right. and it’s gonna look good .okay so here we have an extremely blank piece of paper .now if we just chucking our jewelry on paper .okay this is our selling point .now the light here is literally just one lamp .there is no other light what we’re gonna do for starters is we’re just going to get some tape and we’re just going to tape piece of paper to the desk .so say we’re gonna photograph this okay. so now first of all let’s just give it some kind of arrangement.

Adjust the light

Now what’s the person you notice here the lighting is terrible .now the cool thing with with jewelry though is that it’s you know it’s glinting everything. so if we grab our light what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna experiment with what looks best .so you pick this up and bring a bit closer and basically now keep in mind this is one table lamp .now you’ll notice what you gonna do is you’ve got to find the right angle.every piece of jewelry is different .this is why it can be difficult to photograph because every piece of jewelry is different. now what you got to do is you if you just kind of rotate your light around it you’ll basically find what angle it looks best at. it lights up the the front of the jewelry really nice and then as you bring it towards the back you get this cool back shadowing .but then you lose the I’m just setting up the lamp suitable position .

Take the photo

Now here’s a simple part .what we’re gonna do with our hands here we’re gonna take the bottom of the piece of paper when you take the bottom of this piece of paper and we’re just going to do a bit of magic right now .I’m just gonna start folding it up until all those beauty I just lit up and go and between me like that and what do you think of this .one light one piece of paper and one epic looking bracelet. now what you just do next .Next hold that piece of paper and then gonna turn on the camera alright.Then take the photo and look at that the most basic simple zero ,DIY ,0 dollar jewelry photography in home.It’s simple looks good gets the job done.