Film Photography

Film Photography

You can be a experienced photographer, or an new photographer.Every photographer wants great pictures right? The key to getting a high quality photo is in the photo film equipment that you use. Today, photography has gone digital, so it is much simpler to store your media, but many professionals agree that film is the best media for capturing perfect images. So this valuable article comes from my friend film photographer los angeles and to take best pictures you need to have some basic equipments as follows.

What You Really Need


The most important item that you will need is a good camera. There are many different name brands to choose from on the market today. You will want to look for a camera model that offers good quality photos and and easy to use and has a high resolution, and has zooming capabilities. There are now more digital cameras on the market

You will also need film. There are many different types of film, including b/w or color film. Make sure to choose the correct sensitivity that fits your need. It is a good idea to try different types until you find the brand that you are most comfortable using. You will also want to have a tripod for steadying your camera, as well as some storage containers for your equipment. Filters are also necessary, as are a variety of lenses. Many photographers also have flash accessories for their camera, as well.

2.Lenses and Filters

Filters are very useful camera accessories that can change an image. There are several different types of filters, including UV filters, clear, diffusion, and color correction filters. Each different type of filter works to produce a different effect in the photo. Color correction filters are often used to change the lighting to a more natural hue for a clear, crisp image that isn’t affected by the environment.

standard camera lens works well for a variety of shots, if you are taking quick pictures of kids, family and friends. For those times when you want the perfect picture and have time to set up for the shot, then you will find that other camera lenses come in handy. For example, a wide camera lens will give you a panoramic view, while a telephoto camera lens focuses on a narrower view.

Always remember to choose lenses and filters that are compatible with your camera.Each camera has different mounts are be sure you are buying correct lense. You may do this by purchasing your lenses and filters at a specialty shop, or by searching for compatible lenses and filters online using your camera type as a guide. You will want to read the description of each lens or filter carefully to make sure it is exactly what you want when shopping online.

Protecting Your Photo Film Equipment you know the all equipments to start film you will want to be sure to carry it in approved cases to avoid scratches. Scratching can damage filters, lenses, and your camera. Photo film equipment should be in padded cases made to fit your equipment properly to avoid damage. High quality photo equipment is an investment, so you won’t mind spending a little extra for good cases.

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